Turtle Beach PX22 and PS4 - Anyone got it to work?

Found 10th Dec 2013
After having some much trouble with the X12's i decided to purchase the PX22 and they so said fully compatible with the PS4 out of the box.

Now, my issue is that i get voice chat audio but i dont get any game chat BUT when i change the PS4 to All Audio i get game and voice but im unable to use headset controls to adjust the Game,Voice etc....

If anyone has it fully work let me know how you done it
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This is what i followed,i used the top layout for full function

[image missing]

good luck, i want a ps4 lol
I think i made some progress today.

Turtle Beach products require you to connect RCA to stereo outputs on your TV but most modern TV's do not come with stereo output jacks but rather come with Digital Output jacks which requires a DAC inorder for you to use your Turtle Beach product.

They should ideally make it with digital connection, its the modern connection.

Something like this.

[image missing]

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how would u hook up px22 to the ps4 with having gaming and chat hearing together
I have the dss2 box you need and In all honesty your wasting your time, unless you get one of the higher end headsets then the only way yo get it working properly with acceptable sound levels is with the box. Cut your losses and grab a sony gold headset. You won't regret it.
I went and purchased the PX4

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