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Found 22nd Aug 2008
Picking somewhere to go for a 4 night break has anyone visited here and can suggest nice places to go and visit and what it is like there ? any advice will be appreciated also which is better Tuscany or Sicily? any preferences and if yes why? Cheers

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My parents loved lake garda. They found a quaint hotel on the lake that offered evening meal with a bottle of wine for £7 quid a head but said foood was fantastic worth paying triple.

Both are great.
Tuscany is more typical Italian cultured - Pisa, Florence, Sienna but good beach resorts and nice farmhouses out in the countryside as well. Pisa airport is convenient.
Sicily more Godfather but beautiful. Etna to visit, great Greco-Roman ruins but more travelling to do to see them all.
Language: they speak standard Italian in both but the accent is a tricky in Sicily, while it's a sort of French accent in Tuscany.
Neither is better, they are just different. We have been to Sicily once, by ferry with the car but we're going again later this year, flying. We've been to Tuscany a couple of times, stayed in Pisa and in a farmhouse.

Never been to Sicily (although it's on the list), but last year I was in Florence, Pisa and Lucca which were all really nice. Florence can be a little expensive, but it is a lovely city with lots to see and do, Lucca is also really nice and has some stunning views surrounding it, especially when you climb to the top of the Guinigi Tower. You're also near a beautiful place called Barga up in the Garfagnana region which is a great town with amazing scenery. Pisa is a city a lot of people don't think much of, but I found it to be a lot nicer than they said, especially around the Tower, etc. which really is amazing to see how much it leans.

As Chesso said Sienna is really nice and there is also a small town in the region called San Gimignano which is well worth a day trip to.
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