Tutorial: For Those That Want To Put Pictures Up!

Found 27th Feb 2009
1st you find a free image hosting website
Such as: photobucket,tinypic,imageshack and so if which ever one you prefere.
Then you Upload Your Pictures To The Website
Then Copy The IMG Code That you will find underneath the pic or around it.
past it onto here and your done
By the way some Image Hosting websites require to sign up!
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pretty sure we have had one in the past... but always good as a reminder
Nice to see a straight forward tutorial in plain english

I did suggest to the mods that they put a link on the main page but heard nothing

I know how to post images, but after reading that i'm pretty confused......


C'mon - read the tutorial !


I think you can use google to translate it
didnt ducky do one last week

didnt ducky do one last week

dirty ducky

dirty ducky

oh err i meant a thread - pmsl
oh it seems it was mucky rayman, not ducky
internet keeps going off aarrgghh

but keep trying
might help

upload pictures from computer to [url]www.photobucket.com[/url], then click edit and resize to message board size (medium size), then copy the image url (bottom link) and paste it into the little yellow icon you will see in the reply box on here, its along the top of where you type when replying to a post
OP guide is simple enough
yeah done it!!!!!
turns out i wasnt being a tw*t afterall it was the network connection
(thats my story and i'm sticking to it)
Well done - proud of you,,,

What a complete and utter Muppet.
If you are going to post a tutorial, the first thing you need is a good command of the English language.
Then you need to know the facts and be able to relay them so that people can clearly understand.
So that's two failings to start with.
You also need to make sure that what you are trying to get across hasn't already been done much better ( And very recently ) by someone who knows what they are talking about.
]See here
What you have posted, telling people to copy links directly from pictures on the interweb is all wrong and could lead to all sorts of problems like pornography and the like getting posted up on a family forum.
If you don't know what you are talking about, don't post. :x
Big fail on all counts.
he is on about hotlinking (think that is what it is called) you can only do that in an opening post, for all other posts you have to upload to a phot hosting site
Let's see if I can explain this to you.
I will try and keep it simple for you.
Suppose you find a picture of Donald Duck on a website and you want to post it up on here.
What you are saying is "Or Find a Picture on the internet right click and it will say copy link location then paste this to the insert image icon and there you have your image that you want to post"
So you do this and hey ho, your picture of Donald Duck appears and everyone is happy.
Now, supposing, tomorrow, the people who own the website decide they don't like their picture of Donald Duck any more.
Do you understand yet, or do I need to go further.
Oh, I see, I need to explain it fully to you.
They change their picture from Donald Duck to Clint Eastwood.
So now, when someone clicks onto your post, they now see Clint Eastwood and not Donald Duck.
Now, suppose the site you got your picture from, decides to put a pornographic picture up instead of Donald Duck, or some other bad image of say a nasty road accident that might not be suitable for children, and guess what, your site is now hosting that nasty picture.
Have you got it yet?

And as for troll, I'm just sitting here, having had a night out down the club, looking through the site and commenting on what I find.
Is that so wrong?
OK, Have it your way.
Why don't you just PM Rayman and ask him if the bit below, which is your description on what to do, is ok or not?

"Or Find a Picture you want on the internet right click and it will say copy link location then paste this to the insert image icon and there you have your image that you want to post."
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