Found 29th Sep 2017
Hi everyone, was wondering what tv would be best to buy for my son, he only uses it for xbox1 & Amazon fire stick.
any info would be much appreciated.
thank you
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What size?
What budget?

RS have this on offer:

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It's difficult to say without more information. You could be after something cheap and cheerful for a twelve year old, or looking to treat a twenty five year old who is struggling with mortgage costs to something nice.

A nice TV for an Xbox One X would be a Sony XE93, XE94 or ZD9.

A decent mid-range TV would be something like a Panasonic DX700 or Sony XE70.

On a budget, something by Vestel (toshiba, hitatchi, JVC, Finlux etc.) or a Philips 6162/6262 or Hisense N5700/N5750 if you wanted to spend a bit more.
We got a £99 32 inch sainsburys own tv for our son. Stuck amazon stick in. I'm impressed with it for money. Guess it depends what you want to spend and how big of tv you want but that's bottom of the range. Perfectly fine though
He’s only young but loves playing his xbox wanted a biggish tv for him, but not wanting to pay silly money.
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