Found 16th Feb
my wife's seen the 55UJ701V in Currys, which I'm now under the impression it's not full 4k? @ 600

  • I've also like the Philips 55pus6272 which is the 3 way Amber light. 530

just wondering peoples thoughts on these 2 tv's or best for around £550ish mark

after 4k for Xbox and sky
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It's debatable whether or not it's 4K. But bear in mind that 4K on a TV that's only 55" is very, very tiny pixels so it doesn't matter at typical living room viewing distances.

The bigger concern tends to be the lack of colour saturation at higher brightnesses caused by the white subpixel, and that's more of an issue on the standard colour gamut models like the UJ630 than the wide(ish) gamut models.

I'd be going for the 55" Sony XE70 personally, that's around £550 on sale but can normally be had for around £620
gatwick20181 h, 4 m ago

some your after a TRUE HDR? …some your after a TRUE HDR? ?

'True' HDR TVs aren't available yet. Sky aren't broadcasting in HDR yet either. It's a big change to picture quality (unlike 4K) but one best let for the TV after this one.
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