Tv 50 inch or under for gaming only! Sub £400

Posted 25th Feb
Hey looking for a TV under £400 suitable for gaming.

TV is viewed directly face on.(no viewing angle concerns)
Don't care for smart features (only used for gaming)
Don't care for sound (headphones used)

So I'm guessing I need something with a good picture /motion and low lag input.

Please help. I asked months ago but things popped up and took my TV stash. I'm now in a position to buy.

I'm guessing it must be 4k to
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You have answered your own questions, you know what you want so read reviews of different TVs, find the ones what say 4K and have low input lag.... or google best TVs for gaming..
Buy from Richer Sounds for 6 year warranty or John Lewis for 5. Some good deals on Crampton and Moor on eBay with current 20% off ebay offer.
It's a bloody minefield out there with tonnes of different features it's so confusing

10 bit
Rgb panels

I'm actually lost with everything and what stuff is import to actual gaming as apposed to a nice to have feature.…207 looks pretty good for £400.

Evidently you would be better to get JL or RS to price match it for the extended warrenty.
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Thanks guys yorkie I'm looking at the hisense h9f from your link looks like it might tick all the boxes. Gormond ilm check that out tonight and see if I can get a comparison between them both.
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