TV advice (Again) Pleaaase :)


    First and foremost....i'm sorry..i know theres been endless discussions about TV's but i've read and read and read and am still confuuuused.

    I'm looking to purchase a TV for my bedroom, but if it's good might sacrifice it and put it in the living room.

    Now i don't know anything about HDTV, apart from the fact it's meant to be really good. I also don't get all this 720p and 1080i and 1080p business (trust me i've tried)...

    I'm no gamer, but might plus in my wii...but all i want to do is watch standard tv...possibly with freeview...and need to get a dvd recorder...(making a small screen debut next week, at work, so want to record) do i need HD?

    Price range is...£300...

    Read loads about the Hanspree one but everytime i read a good review i also read a bad one's, and to be hones i'd rather go for a more reliable model like a samsung, even if it's smaller.

    I reallllly reallllly need help, i've tried to refrain and read but everytime i read, there's just endless discussions about 1080i,p etc etc... i just want to watch tv

    Thank you..all help appreciated

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