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Found 25th Oct 2017
My 13-year-old son needs a monitor for his gaming pc, he
actually wants 2 to be the same as some of his friends, but understands we are
on a budget. The one he has now is very old and small which is a waste as he
has a decent gaming PC. We are hoping to sort a monitor for him for Christmas.

Now I have been lucky enough to win a tv, model no
UE40K6300AK, which is a nice 40" curved screen tv.

I have thought about selling the Tv and buying him a monitor,
or possibly 2 with the proceeds but wondered what the possibility of actually
using this TV as a monitor, what would be the drawbacks to this? I have seen
that it depends on the picture quality and lag but not sure if this tv is good

One benefit would be that he could then play his PS4 in his
room, which he cannot just now as it will not connect to his monitor he has
now. Would he be able to connect a PS4 to a modern monitor?
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Are you sure your not being scammed by winning a tv.......also if you have the money I suggest keeping the tv and saving up to buy a monitor instead. You can usually find a decent monitor for around £80-£100 on eBay.
I use a 43" tv as my second monitor (previously 32" bit it broke and the prices are almost the same to replace). Works fine but can get a bit much if you're Sat really close, basically impossible to see all the screen at once.
How close is he going to be sitting in front of the screen? Monitors aren't that expensive and you are able to pick up a decent one off
if he has a PS4 and a 'decent gaming PC' how tight is the budget
Hi, thanks for the replies. No I know it's not a scam as I have the TV already but have not opened the box yet in case I sell it.
He tends to sit up at a desk to play his PC games, but sits back in an armchair on his PS4, one of the worries was if the screen might be too big when on his PC
Money is a bit tight just now due to not working much due to injury, being self employed I don;'t get sickness benefit.
I don't need the TV as it's too smalll as my main TV, so my options seem to be either sell it or use it as a monitor.
It's not too big, it's the same size as a two by two setup of 20" monitors. Most multiple-monitor setups are at least that wide

The main issue is that the resolution is a little too low for typical desk viewing distances. Ideally you'd want to sit around 1.2m (4') away from a 40" Full HD screen. If you've got a spare table perhaps consider placing that behind the desk.

p.s. If you do decide to go for it then on most Samsung TVs you have to rename the input to PC to get it to accept a normal PC signal (4:4:4 etc.).
2 x 32in second hand flat screen should not be much, we bought one for £50 about 2 years ago.
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