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Found 6th Apr 2018

I was wondering what is the best TV box available to watch live TV?

I used to have the Skybox F5 with a 2 year subscription however this used to have many problem. Is there something available similar to this whereby I would be able to get all the live TV channels but without the "problems"?

The worst being "scrambled" whereby the system stopped working after like 6/12 months.

I have a fire tv stick and Kodi but just feel this isn't really reliable, especially for live TV. Great to watch movies/tv shows.

Generally watch sports using streams/bt sport but would like something for the downstairs TV without having to use other devices (chromecast/phone/Samsung Dex)

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You
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IPTV with subs ie pay to pirate ) seems to be the choice on here now
Does IPTV have all live channels? Or do they only have selected? i.e. sports/movies/tv shows
Any recommendations on which IPTV is best?
A friend scrapped using kodi on his firestick and installed Digitalstb DITV and an iptv sub instead.
I've ditched kodi and got myself iptv sub. Just pm'd u link to the Facebook group
I'm sure you can reconfigure the F5 box for IP
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