TV Card

I need some help!!

Can anyone recommend a TV card for my PC??
I have just bought myself a Sony Handycam TRV238E from Littlewoods (cheaper than Amazon!!)
I would like to plug the cam into my PC but I need the Audio In/Out and Video In/Out phono sockets (The Yellow, Red & White ones)

I need the sockets at bottom on card (you get me? :? )

Anyone will do.

Thanks for your help! :thumbsup:


Does it has to be internal? Do you need hardware MPEG2 encoding or you can live with software one (it is best not to encode to MPEG if you are planning to edit video later).

Original Poster

Internal yes, software one, yes.
Cheers Komm

If you are on budget, then Leadtek VC100 should do the job. It got Bt/Conexant 878A chip, which is quite an old one but still does the job.
Or you can try Philips-based card.

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Thanks Komm.
Greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

Or, if you have some more money and want pro-style card, try Canopus ADVC range. This would be my card of choice because it can convert analogue video to DV, which is easy to edit and doesn't take as much space as Huffyuv-encoded video.
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