TV deals in post-xmas sales - what to expect?

Posted 21st Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 7 m ago)
Generally speaking how good are TV deals during the post-xmas sales period (boxing day to early new year) relative to the Black Friday sales period?

About the same?
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    Expect things to be about the same if not slightly worse.

    Unfortunately the way things are now, sales are more or less just discounting prices back to where they were before all this craziness started and the cost of everything shot up.

    Expect deals within that context and you’ll be alright. But if you think you’re going to find this amazing offer that mirrors last year’s pricing or earlier, and you’re probably in for disappointment.
    Thanks. What was it like last year or earlier? I wasn't following.

    I'm looking at 48-50" TVs with current prices in the £850 to £1000 price range (mainly Sony X90S, Samsung QN90B, LG C2). I'm hoping to buy for a net price of around £750 or lower (after selling any bundled free items). I think this was possible for all these TVs in the Black Friday week (when sale prices were combined with cashback or free item offers). (edited)
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    For TVs it's generally worse. If the TV you're after hasn't gone up much from it's lowest price since mid-November I'd buy now.

    Unless you're willing to chance a clearance deal in the spring, and with the tech shortages at the moment I wouldn't count on those.
    Thanks. Don't really want to wait for Spring but have bought a QN90B during Samsung's mid December promotion, with delivery deferred until 30 Dec. Wasnt as good as Black Friday deals, but can fall back on this if boxing day deals aren't any better.
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