Posted 18th Nov 2022
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Updated 24th November 10:00am
There's a plethora of TVs available on the market today and for those that don't really know what they're looking for, it can be a bit of minefield out there. Before you know it, you've dropped £500 on a TV and missed a much better offer for the same money or less.

Many of you are looking to upgrade ready for the World Cup and November is proving to be a cracking time to do so, if you can find the perfect fit for you, of course. You'll find the deals toward the bottom of this post

The purpose of this thread is to highlight the best deals on TVs right now and throughout Black Friday. If you're struggling to figure out which type of TV you want to buy, I've put a pretty basic info article together here. Sometimes there's so much information out there, it can be rather overwhelming.

These panels are considered pretty standard and you'll find all brands using them on the budget end of the price spectrum. Don't let that fool you though! There are lots of fantastic TVs out there that use these too. You absolutely shouldn't ignore them. When shopping around on hotukdeals, you may have noticed members talking about VA and IPS panels. A lot of folks just wanting to get a budget TV, you're probably not going to be too fussed which one you end up with. Below this section you'll find a little more information regarding both technologies.

QLED Panels
QLED TV prices are getting better and better and offer good value for money right now. Just like LED LCD TVs, they use LCD panels with LED backlighting. However a QLED model use a quantum dot layer to produce wider range of colours. QLED is a marketing term, so you may find some brands using different words for similar technology.

OLED Panels
Found on some of the most expensive model out there, OLED offers a great viewing experience and is very well regarded. You'll see the blackest of blacks and the whitest of whites. The blacks are unmatched by other panels, as the individual pixels can be switched off completely. Response times can be super low and the brightness levels are great. When it comes to viewing angles OLED models are fantastic.

As you may already know, OLED TVs are expensive in comparison to other technologies and it's clear to see why. For a long time they were out of reach for many, however they're coming down in price and are much more appealing nowadays.

Surely there's a downside to OLED?
So the biggest complaints we've seen are regarding "Burn in" which in simple terms, is when an image is burned into the screen permanently. This was much more concerning when we first started seeing the panels hit the market years ago and is much less of a risk now.

It's not something that's likely to happen with normal use anyway, but can occur if you have a static image on screen for a very long time, such as channel logos or game HUDs. One technique used is "pixel shifting", which makes tiny adjustments, moving the image around very slightly by just a few pixels. You'll likely not even notice it and if you own a more modern model already... It could be switched on without you realising. (or a similar solution) It's more something to be aware of than to panic about!

This shouldn't put you off, although I figured I should mention it, as you've probably read about it at some point, or will do when you're researching TVs anyway. The OLED experience is super impressive and should be considered if you can afford the extra outlay.

Make sure you check reviews before making your decision. In some cases you may find that LED LCD panels that out perform some of the lower end QLED ones. Do it ASAP if you're looking for a Black Friday bargain and get a short list ready, so you don't have to do all of the checking and risk missing the deal.

Still not sure which one to go with? Get commenting on TV deals and ask questions. hotukdeals is full of very helpful members, with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

Things to consider when choosing a panel: IPS vs VA

Viewing Angles
I'd urge you to think about it a little more though. IPS panels offer vibrant colours and great viewing angles. The downside is that blacks aren't as deep as some other panels out there. VA panels on the other hand offer deeper blacks, but viewing angles are not as good. The greater the viewing angle that you have, the more washed out the image will start to become.

When it comes to colour reproduction then IPS is king here, especially when it comes to PC monitors and professional work. It's a little different with a TV, as most won't be using it for professional work, but for TV, movies and gaming. When it comes to games, most sit right in front of the TV anyway so viewing angles aren't such a problem.

Response Time
This refers to the time it takes a pixel to shift between colours (Black to white / Grey to grey) The lower the response time, the faster the colour shift. This results in less motion blur, which is something gamers will appreciate for sure.

Refresh Rate
This is the amount of frames/images per second your screen can display. This number is measured in hertz (Hz). If your TV is 60Hz, it can display 60 images per second. A 120Hz display can show 120 images per second. Why does this matter? For every day TV watching and movies 60Hz is just fine, but when it comes to gaming you're going to want a smooth image and as many frames per second is key.

Keep in mind that to see all of those frames, the console you're gaming on is going to need to be capable of producing those frames in the first place. The TV is only responsible for displaying them to you. The latest Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles are powerful compared to their predecessors and will make use of those higher Hz panels.

Where do OLED panels come in?

I wouldn't really compare them as such, as they are in a bit of a different league. Also price points are quite different. Most people that would want an OLED... Want an OLED for the benefits, will indeed grab one.

I'll keep checking back and updating the list below. It's always worth checking for newly added deals when you can though, as prices at this time of the year seem to move super fast, just like the stock levels!

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    Opting for the Samsung Neo QLED over LG OLED simply because I'll be using it for work as well as play. Not so much about the burn-in but the image retention.
  2. Avatar
    What's the best deal for 50 inch ambilight Philips tv right now ? I can't live without in built ambilight sorry !
    I’d also be interested to know the answer 
  3. Avatar
    Useful thread

    Be mindful of the warranty period too - John Lewis & Costco 5 years with 90 day free returns with Costco.

    Richer sounds 6 year warranty.
    Richer Sounds "on selected TVs". Check first.
  4. Avatar
    Don't forget there's many authorised retailers that offer the 5-year Samsung warranty...... Reliant direct...... Crampton and Moore........ Marks electrical....etc etc
  5. Avatar
    Thanks! Great thread

    Was wondering if other manufactures have something like the Samsung No Gap wall mount? We have a Samsung Frame at the moment and were considering getting another for a different room, but they are pretty pricey right now and haven't been on offer for a long time
  6. Avatar
    Great info, may be you should add something about the TV OS - Android, Tizen, Web, etc.

    There always seems to be great deals on 55" especially with the LG's and Samsung, but personally looking at LG as I've used Web which seems more user friendly and faster than Android OS. I've seen LG OLED55C2 cheaper than the 48" but unfortunately anything above 50" is too big for my home.
    Samsung doesn't run android os. It is tizen and it is super user friendly
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    Guys looking for TV in new year but undecided between QLED and OLED going to use for gaming is OLED burn in a issue nowadays
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    Something else to bear in mind for the energy cost or fire safety conscious is that OLED TV's perform pixel refresh maintenance on standby that prevent screen burn. If you have the habit of switching off your TV at the wall when you go to bed, it can't perform that maintenance and you will increase the chance of screen burn.
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    Are any of these 65+ any good for gaming on xbox series x. Got a very old hisense, the blacks are non existent, massive ghosting, doesnt do 120hz, large input lag. Shame total lack of 65+ lg c1/c2 deals. Can't belive how cheap those Samsung 75, 85 qled are, but betting they are poor gaming panels, but anyone know.
    Not sure about their gaming quality but there build quality is rubbish. My 75” QLED is just over 2 years old and has suddenly stopped working. Samsung CS insist that as it’s out of warranty, its not really their problem. Emailed the Samsung “Presidential escalation team” and they seem to believe that they are not subject to the CRA 2015. A long battle ahead I think. Will never buy this brand again.
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