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Found 1st Mar
Hi everyone
Could you point me in the right direction for a good tv for about 500 quid please. I'm using it mainly as a monitor for Sky and we don't have any TV signal where I live so not bothered about Freeview etc. My 2012 Panny has just packed up for the second time so I don't want another one from them. I assume I should get 4k to future proof it and I would like something 46 inches plus. If there's nothing any good for that price, please say so. Thanks. O
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Thank you.
LG 49”? Has Freesat aswell incase you opt out of sky. I think with the 10% off code floating around this will be £377.
I’m sitting on my hands on buying this myself…811
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I think that one gets a good write up too. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to let me know. I’m very grateful.
Look up the Hisense brand, they're the OnePlus of telly's.
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