TV for dining room - Samsung LE32A436T?

    Hi guys,

    I want to buy my parents a TV for the dining room, but I'm not sure what kind of thing to get.

    I've had quite a good look around and it seems most manufacturers concentrate on 22" and more specifically 32", with not an awful lot in between. If I'm honest, 22" is way too small, and 32" edging towards being slightly too big.

    However! I've measured everything and 32" should fit very nicely and not look at all out of place, I hope.

    I've got my eye on the Samsung LE32A436T* along with the Techlink TWM2 - Wall Bracket** from Amazon - seems to have good specs but I have no idea about these things, so just wanted to ask on here if there's anything else I should be looking at, don't want to get this wrong, as they won't be upgrading any time soon

    Cheers guys


    The bracket has poor reviews and I wouldn't risk it

    Original Poster

    Damn, good spot - didn't even see that, it was recommended by Amazon as part of a bundle but I didn't realise they'd match it with incompatible TVs!

    Original Poster

    Any suggestions on what to get then please guys? Preferably something below £400 including Wall Mounting stuffs
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