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Found 20th Apr
I have been looking at different 65 inch tvs for gaming but am not sure which ones are best for looking good and playing smooth. I would like to have some form of hdr and great quality picture but low latency.
(less than a thousand if possible)
Appreciate your knowledge

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Lg oled c7
At under a grand at 65" you're looking at fairly minimal support for cutting edge tech like HDR.

If you're not urgently in need of one I'd wait another few years for HDR hardware to come down in price as well as variable refresh rate support.

If you do need to buy now then Hisense are often good value at larger sizes, most of the competition to the £900 N6800 is sitting at around £1,100 (e.g. EX700, MU6400).
benjammin31617 h, 8 m ago

Lg oled c7

Isn't screwn burn in still a problem with static bright images ?
The Samsung mu7000 has one of the lowest input lag between 17-20ms. The 55” is £750 not sure on the 65”. But it has true 10bit display and hdr, the other Samsung what was mentioned is 8bit and fcr which makes it think it’s 10bit. I would get smaller tv and better quality or save a bit more.
Ahhh!!! First world problems...

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