tv from very or littlewoods

    hi. i am want to get a tv from littlewoods.. it is £549 but on very it is £479 same thing.....
    as i have never used my littlewoods account i wanted get it from there to get the £15 off and then a further discount using 2o% discount code but it wont work.... i asked them if they wud allow the price to be the same as very as it is the exact same product same company etc.. they are hiding behind terms and conditions. i cant get it from very as i have just less on my acount the the cost of the tv. grr... help thanks

    can anyone help me with this please?


    Have you already got a very account? As they offer the same first time buyer deal!

    You can use these 3 codes on very even if you have ordered from them before....

    XX916 - 15% DISCOUNT
    XV002 - FREE 3.95 DELIVERY
    XV049 - BNPL MARCH 2011

    Additions direct is another one of the sisiter companies that you can buy from and they have the same prices as very!

    Hope this helps

    What 20% discount code have you got???

    Which tv (model) are you trying to buy? More often than not there are cheaper options available without using the infamous very / littlewoods codes.

    Original Poster

    hi.. some codes i have tried
    20% code - XV065

    ZQ276 - £10 Discount - £50 Minimum Spend
    ZQ965 - £30 Discount - £100 Minimum Spend
    ZQ966 - £30 Discount - £100 Minimum Spend
    ZQ970 - £30 Discount - £100 Minimum Spend

    was £799.00 now £549.00 save £250.00
    Samsung 37in full HD freeview LCD TV
    from £5.13 per week
    Cat No: PY92112 Model No: LE37B554M2WXXU

    if anyone can show me another tv and help me get it as cheap as poss i would be really gratefull.. it is a bday pressie for OH x thanks so far
    Model number LE37B554M2WXXU. New

    XV065 20% off code

    DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!

    Is it a new customer one only???


    XV065 20% off codeDOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!Is it a new customer one only???

    Expired on the 7/3/2010

    Original Poster

    we have had our littlewoods account open since before xmas but have never used it and wen i tried the 20% code it didnt work and that was before the 7th march.... ? help anyone

    The same TV is on offer at Marks and Spencer £449.00 free del.

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    thanks but we dont have the cash upfront so need to do it in installments.

    Found this code on MSE supposed to get £15.00 off first littlewoods order ZG134

    Original Poster

    thanku for that... i tried it and it didnt work...

    Soz, don't think you're having much luck


    The same TV is on offer at Marks and Spencer £449.00 free del.

    Why dont you OPEN a Marks and Spencer credit card account cheaper and better then Littlewoods
    save ue self £100 in the process (pay in installments to) :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    rubbish credit score.... ?
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