TV (HD, LCD :S) and Surround Sound

Found 25th Feb 2007
i have a really small bedroom and will b wanting the best possible effect to b playing such games as lost planet, halo 3 (wen its out) gears of war etc on my 360 when it arrives. i am a student so budget not a tight one but you know lol. im sure i can rely on the deal seakers out there. any suggestions for tv's and surround sound will b great.
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You say a small bedroom, how small?

Give us an idea on what size tv your after mate.
around 3m by 8m if tht helps, not a massive tv tht will cost me the earth up to about 300 - 400. maybe cheaper just wanted to know wots cheap wots good and wots best. with tv's and surround sound i have no idea wot so ever
3m by 8m is not really small?
9 ft/24 ft is pretty big as student bedrooms go.
not a student room at my mums butgot bed wadrobe side table in it. want a tv for the wall in front of my bed but god knows about the surround sound
Which wall is it, if it is an internal wall you had better make sure it can hold a tv before you try.
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