TV help?

    Any good offers for a TV around 50" that's LED and for an added bonus is ultra slim.

    Not so fussed about it being a smart TV or has 4K as I have an Apple TV and Now TV box

    Been looking at Amazon warehouse as I get 20% off. Seen a Sharp that for £294.76 (£235.80 student discount) but this is used.

    Also looked at Tesco which is 49" for £249 (club card points for that)

    And also looked at currys at a JVC at £299 but get 10% off in store with student discount from student beans I believe for buying any JVC TV. Unfortunately it's not available in a store near me.

    I am on the lookout for a new sound bar so if there's anywhere with a nice offer on that would be great!

    Budget is around £300




    FYI everything Amazon warehouse sells is "used".

    Original Poster


    FYI everything Amazon warehouse sells is "used".

    Yeah I know, bought several things from warehouse. I'm just weighing up the cost depending on the condition

    I have a 32 inch jvc I bought from currys earlier this year. most probably out of same factory, I can't fault it.

    Get a Hisense!
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