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    Just switched on my TV and it says No dvb service found.

    now, what in the bludey hell does that mean? I have a starview box but i doubt thats anything to do with it. It asks me to press OK to search for services im guessing but then it loads back on to the same screen. need help


    No idea what system you are using but if freeview then unplug machine from wall for a minute or 2, check Ariel and search services again auto install etc.

    You sure it says "RVB" not DVB or RGB ?

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    oops yeah I ment DVB

    That means then that your freeview box cannot find a digital signal. Check the aerial lead hasn't come out the back, if not is the aerial still on your roof lol? Seriously though it means it can't find a signal. The box could be faulty if the aerial all looks ok.

    Don't think you should be asking about this on here. Google for a cable forum to help you.


    he using starview not freeview

    check cable has'nt come out the back
    try turning off at mains for a minute
    rescan box for channels

    It means there is no broadcaster signal found, is it a freeview or Cable box. If its what I think it is then looks like your cable services could have been cut for using a non Virgin Media product on the end of their line.

    oh yeh. CHeck this out then. You should be able to get it back up and running by re-flashing it…ew/

    Do you mean no DVB through the TV? in which case just watch TV through the Starview.

    It simply means no signal found, sometimes happens, just rescan for channels and as mentioned check the cable is in ok.
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