TV help!

    ok, i am worse with electricals than i am with computers.

    Weve just recently bought a new tv, just put a dvd on for the first time and its very green
    i have tried ajusting the colour but it doesnt make any diffrence.
    Anyone know what i can do? I have turned it off and off again but that didnt help either



    have you tuned the dvd into the right channel on your tv ?

    is it connect via a scart lead if so check it. this happened to me one of the metal bits was bent over

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    i do believe so, its in AV1, other half set all that up, i have just checked to make sure the scarts were in properly and they are, ive tried switching the scart to the other spare one but didnt make a diffrence

    try another lead from dvd to tv to check its not that

    is the dvd" the incredible hulk" by any chance?

    Sounds like the wrong AV channel.

    This happen's to me if my scart lead in not pushed in. Try on the DVD and TV
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