TV help! can't decide between Samsung 43j5500 and Sony 48wd653

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Found 13th Nov 2016
Hi Gang

As the title mentions, I'm at a loss to choose between the above two models

I don't need 4K and just a good quality 1080p panel

Similar price but I'd have to get a grade a refurb for the Samsung as it is a discontinued line

Both under £350

Any advice, would be greatly appreciated


We were looking for a new tv ourselves and after some tough debating we opted on the Samsung 43j5500,bought it about 4 weeks ago from tesco direct on eBay for £269.99 and must say we were not disappointed we looked at the Sony also but even though it was 5" bigger the Samsung sounded the best all round and it doesn't disappoint. So I'd recommend the Samsung :-)

Oh mines was a customer return which was basically brand new.

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That's an awesome price. I'm looking but struggling to find that tv. eBay is going around 320 for grade a refurb

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Thanks for your input. V helpful

I'm quiet good at finding deals martin Dawes had the 48" smart 4k Sony for £349 last week with the 20% discount came to £314 was same price at Argos to but martin Dawes were giving you a 5yr guarantee with theres where as Argos only 1,let me do some digging I'll see what I can come up with for you :-)

Only a 40" but is a curved tv.

Same company and a 49" smart and for £333 for an ex display mind is a steal I'd say…066

Never had a Toshiba tv but this doesn't look a bad deal eaither and its only £222 for a 42" smart ex display.…418

And really it all depends what its being used for whether its for just watching tv and sport or if its for gaming.

Side by side on most models, sony v Samsung we ended up going for the samsung.

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Thanks both. Agreed. Just had a quick look in store and the Samsungs picture is a lot more realistic.

Brian1977 the 49" is super tempting but 43" is the size for me. I was thinking 48 Sony if it was a cracker but I'm not sure

I'm keep look out for the j5500 you got.

With Tesco eBay, will their products come up under a normal search on eBay or do I have to go their eBay shop and check?



It was there eBay shop I got mine from where I'd keep checking dougrobbins78

It's slightly more money but Philips 6401 might be worth a look as it gives you Android TV and Ambilight for £380 for the 43"…465

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It's slightly more money but Philips 6401 might be worth a look as it … It's slightly more money but Philips 6401 might be worth a look as it gives you Android TV and Ambilight for £380 for the 43"

Thanks mate. It looks good on paper and I've had a 32"'ambilight before but the write up for this one on Which is pretty poor

Even though it's 4K it's picture quality gets a bad review on HD (below)

What's the picture quality like?
Overall, it's disappointing. During HD, it deals with motion well with little blur or judder - great for panning shots or fast-paced sports. But the unnatural colours give actors' faces a slight perma-tan look, a la Donald Trump. Both darker and lighter areas lack detail so the picture doesn't pop, resulting in an overall disappointing HD picture. That said, you can expect sharper detail with 4K. Plus, the wide viewing angle means everyone watching should be able to see all the action.
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