TV help. I can't decide between the Sony KDL-42W829B or the KDL-42W705B for my PS4

    I am looking for a new TV for my PS4 since my old TV is about to die. I have narrowed my choices between the Sony Bravia KDL-42W829B or the KDL-42W705B. I was wondering if anyone could advice me further on this. The price difference is around £50-£80 in favour of the later and I am not at all bothered about having a 3D TV (which the former has). I just want to know which one is better for playing my PS4 games


    Have you checked reviews for both? They usually have a section about gaming performance so might help you decide.

    From what I've read on avforums, the W8 has 3D, and the W7 is essentially the same screen apart from this.

    W705 review
    Lag 13.5ms

    W829 review
    Lag 22ms

    So really the 705 is 'better' for gaming as lower lag figure.
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