TV- help me please

    Looking at buying a tv, just wanted one full hd one with freeview hd however have just seen this on currys…tml

    its a 3d tv is this worth the extra money?

    PS- can anyone tell me can you watch it normally (Not in 3d) just they look very fuzzy to me in the shops without the glasses on, excuse me i havent got a clue!! lol.

    Advice appreciated


    You can absolutely watch normal TV on a 3D Tv, it's only fuzzy in the shop because they are broadcasting a bluray in 3d i expect. So when you watch normal BBC or ITV, it will look normal.

    Have you seen any films at the cinema in 3d? it really depends on whether or not you like it.

    Personally, I love it, an with a PS3 hooked up to it (now games can be put into 3d), it looks great!

    The samsung glasses that come with this deal are pretty awesome too - well, a few friends have recommended them.

    The only thing I would say tho, is be careful, as £848 is a lot of money for a tv set up, and 3D isnt guaranteed to be something that will be around for long.,

    If £848 is not much to you, then do it i'd say. However, for less than £400, you can get a decent bluray and tv HD set up which may be more suited to you.

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    oh yes we watched monsters vs aliens in 3d it was brilliant, would you say this was a good deal? I am thinking of spending £450 on tv, but for the extra i get a bluray and its 3d. Im not sure, its alot to spend.

    Oh thats ok then so its just a clear picture then, so 2 pairs fo glasses i will have to buy more? i guess there is 4 of us.

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    Hmm thats what i was thinking, i have been looking for a hd tv, there were a couple at currys last month and i think i should of gone for one. Have you seen any deals on them? Tbh im not too bothered about a bluray as at some point we will get a ps3 .

    I'm not totally sure if it's a brilliant deal. From first glance, it looks great, as the tv alone is meant to be £849 and you get bluray player and glasses thrown in with a pound taken off. - Although have a look on other sites, or search this one for the best 3d tv deals.

    As for the glasses, definitely shop around for these, as £60 is a lot - they may be cheaper else where.

    But that said, if you all want to be watching shrek in 3d when it is delivered, then get a few more pairs there and then.

    If I had £850 to spend right now on a tv, I would go for a good make like Samsung and would be very very inclined to buy.

    But, the wife would go mental if she knew I could have got HD only for £450 and given her £400 to spend on whatever stuff she likes to buy.

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    Hey i'm looking for someone to give me a definite answer here. lol.

    I really don't know, if i could find a nice hd one for £400 i think i might do that, i don't know

    Wouldn't it make more sense to find out for yourself by going in a shop and seeing if you even like 3D TV?! Seems a daft thing to be considering spending much more than you need to if you haven't even tried the thing out!

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    I have tried it as said above, it looks great, just without the glasses it looked all funny but magic thought they must of been playing a 3d bluray.

    Its either around £400 for HD TV or £850 for 3D TV. Add an extra £120 for more glasses when you are not bothered about blu-ray seems daft to me!
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    unless you are going to add 3D TV channels at some point which then costs even more for a subscription.

    SAVE5 will give you £42.50 off that TV.

    I think you should go with that deal with the voucher.

    3DTV is future proof. Even if you don't use it for a while its better than paying £400 odd quid and then upgrading again in a couple of years.

    Blu ray player included is an added bonus as is the glasses.

    TVs in shops dont look great because of the feed they use but once you get it home and set it up you'll love it. You could pop back into Currys and ask them to set it up with a blu ray specifically and not use the split feed.

    Discount code ends today btw.
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    3DTV is future proof. Even if you don't use it for a while its better … 3DTV is future proof. Even if you don't use it for a while its better than paying £400 odd quid and then upgrading again in a couple of years.

    When 3D tvs will be cheaper so probably not much difference in the end.

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    thanks for that starr, apprecaited.

    I really don't know i hadn't thought of the extra either cdm22 for sky etc. so thanks

    I would leave you all rep but i dont know how to do that anymore?

    I will keep checking.


    When 3D tvs will be cheaper so probably not much difference in the end.

    Good point.

    No-one even knows if 3DTV is going to take off yet. You could be left with an expensive piece of obsolete technology come this time next year.

    You can get a 40" 1080p Samsung TV for around £400, and the Blu-Ray players are less than £100.


    Good point.

    Nothing future proof, technology is rapidly changing at a extremly scary rate.
    Before a product has even been built it is out of date as they have already started the blueprints to the next one that are already being made after the i.e. 1st gen was created or it can be an older technology.
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