tv help with rca RYW component cables.

    Right i have a tv with two scarts in the back thats got sky/dvd hd player connected and the xbox 360 connected to it.

    and i have the 3 rca socket on the side and i was wondering is there an adapter that i can run my surround sound via the 3 colour leads and my wii / ps2 and then have sound conencted all the time so i can use that when playing games watching films and then just switch between the two consoles?

    as i dont want to have to go away and pull the tv out to add a scart switcher as its just alot of hastle as we had that the last time and gave up on it


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    so it would go something like this

    Xbox 360

    surround sound

    i have just found that you can rca switch boxes that will enable to to switch between the wii and ps2
    so next question how can i leave the surroudn sound in and then justswitch between the two consoles?

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    any one got any ideas

    post model of tv

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    not sure of the model number was bought from macro frew years ago big crt tv

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    its got 2 scarts and 1 rca

    i could manage it with a scart switcher but i need a longer rca lead about 8 to 10 m so would be looking for the cheapest one of them

    maybe upgrade to HDTV to get some benefit to your xbox 360 especially if you have the hd dvd player

    just get one with hdmi at least 2 at least 1 set of component and dvi vga

    it's a bit hard to know exactly what you want from your description .

    the yellow at side is composite and you could run ya 360 of it as in yellow for piccy and red/white for audio .. just stereo though and that might free up 1 scart
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