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    As you'll know the world cup is coming up, however for the first game someone has invited me to a BBQ. As the BBQ will be in the garden and no TV set i'm set to miss the match, unless of course I watch it on the iphone with TV Catchup but thats slighly un social!

    There will be a few people coming to the BBQ who I know would like to watch the game. I could get a TV outside but i'm worried about the glare.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking some sort of projector and screen but the sun will make it glare as well so will hardly even see the picture.

    Suggestions? If any...


    turn the brightness of the sun down ;-)

    sorry! anyone with a sensibe suggestion?? I wanna do the same!


    why dont you put it in a Gazebo?

    converse with your friends and forget the football or don't go to the BBQ if you are that worried about it

    another vote for gazebo here only £15 from tesco

    I'm doing a bbq well before the match. The match is at 8:30.

    If i invited peeps to a barby and they set up a tv. i wouldnt be impressed.

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    ok let me explain some more...

    Its not my idea about the TV in the garden, its actually the person who is hosting the BBQ, (his bday) we all love football and just said i'd look into it. So you reckon if I got a projector screen and projector and a gazebo it would probably be visible?


    Just schedule the food eating part of the bbq so it doesn't clash with the football.

    It all my be a moot point if the weather is crap anyway.

    gazebo is the best idea,however if he has a shed/garage with a large overhang on the roof,then mounting a flat screen below that may work?


    tv will be fine at 8:30 as long as it isnt facing the sunset

    just buy a really long aerial lead from argos for about £10

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    The plan is to have the BBQ before the game but its still a party and people will be outside (pending the weather is good) so can't go inside to watch it.

    I'll have a word with a mate who might be able to get a projector. Would a dark board work or would I have to use a projector screen?

    Mellow Yellow;8686992

    You'd need a white board/wall or hang a white sheet, a dark board would … You'd need a white board/wall or hang a white sheet, a dark board would not work.

    Sellotape and paper.

    or hope for rain, then everyone will be inside where the TV is already - issue solved!

    (don't suppose it will do much for the bbq though..., perhaps only hope for rain in the evening :P )
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