Tv Issues

Posted 5th Jan 2020
Ok here goes

My Front room Panasonic tv switches on then as soon as i press the volume up or down key or (any other key) switches off, randomly switches on and off.

However this front room panasonic tv works fine in the back room and so i thought lets switch and so when i plugged the back room tv in the front room......... the very same thing also happens with that tv

Now im thinking the tv's are not at fault - i mean two tv's, different remotes, with exactly the same problem at exactly the same time in exactly the same location - far fetched.

I isolate and power off everything, sky box, routers, ps3, Firestick etc etc

Must be the electrics im thinking, so now i run a brand new electric extension cable from the back room where both tvs work fine to the front room and connect the tv and ... .........same problem, upon switching on any remote button press causes the tvs to switch off

I have tried putting the tv in different corners of the front room with different sockets and both tvs still arent working.

Both TVS in the back room both work well without any problems. yet in the front room both become faulty with exactly the same problem.

Removed everything magnetic in and around the front room, switched off all wifi, electronics etc and still the same problem.

This is one bizarre problem - please help!

p.s the Panasonic tv has worked fine in the very same room for the past 5 years- this has just developed.
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