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Found 30th Jan
I am looking to add a back light to my TV, Amazon is full of these kits but im looking for a recommendation, I dont want to spend Hue kinds of money, but i dont want cheap rubbish either, need about 5 meters for a 55" screen. Thanks In Advance.
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What kind of equipment do you have already?
I but WiFi led controllers from China for about £7 each from HERE
And good quality led strips start from about £6 for 5mtrs.
You can use the controller with a app from the app store apparently but can't confirm that as I flash mine to use with my SmartThings hub.
But problem is it can take up to 6 weeks to arrive... Normally 3-4
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Hue hub, hive hub and Alexa I’m not bothered about controlling it I can s …Hue hub, hive hub and Alexa I’m not bothered about controlling it I can stick it on a WiFi plug for power

That should do the job for you then if you're willing to wait.
If ordering LED strips they have a option to include a little 40 button remote control for about a quid extra that plugs between your controller and led strip then you can control with that if you want.
You'll want some control of it all you can select your colour and brightness.
I can't give you a specific model.
But I'd recommend buying something that's natural daylight balanced white.
All the cheap ones seem to be cool (blue) white.

Also, don't forget your wallpaper behind the TV will affect the colour of the light that you see.

I used to have a Philips Ambilight TV, I really miss that.
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