tv licence

    just got a letter about the tv licence and its going up its a bit silly since of the credit crunch does anyone else think its stupid


    hate paying for the tv licence, just another tax, makes as much sense anymore as a kettle licence.

    however, its the law you have to pay it.

    sorry hon xx

    Are they putting it up from £139.50?


    they are having a laugh arent they

    I've just paid £139.50 ... ... I thought this was way over the top .. don't tell me they're putting it up again! ? :w00t:
    If so by how much?

    About time the BBC started advertising instead of chargeing stupid prices on tv licencing, when most of their programmes are rubbish!

    I wish you could subscribe to particular channels, nothing worth watching on any of them other than BBC2

    i pay about £14 a month-easier than the whole lot in one go-but i agree maybe they should advertise and reduce it.
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