Tv Licence?

    I need to get a tv licence, i know you can buy it online, but how long do you have to wait till you can watch tv?


    Good question, I just rang up TV licensing yesterday and arranged a monthly direct debit payment which I requested to begin at the end of the month. I know the guy didn't believe me but I haven't ever tuned the TV in or connected an aerial since I moved there over 6 weeks ago!

    After a couple of weeks it's amazing how much you don't miss TV

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    i was hoping that i could use it as soon as we move in.

    If you buy online it's valid immediately.

    If you can buy the licence on the 1st of the month. If you buy now it expires on 30th April. Loads of people complain that they buy a licence say on the 31st of the month and it expires 11 months later.

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    thanx for that, will try and buy on the 1st all depends when we move in.

    You can back date your licence fee!

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    You can back date your licence fee!

    how do you do that?

    I've just moved into my first home and it was valid the day I bought it online.

    Somehow we now pay six months for the rest of this year and then six months into the next year and all by DD, but it does make our life very easy.

    I would say you can watch it straight away, as long as you have applied for a new one (whatever day you choose) you should be covered. Those vans don't sit outside your house waiting for you, unless you are really unlucky - LOL :giggle:

    Your being way too strict on yourself. Just start watching TV as soon as you move in. Then pay the licence as soon as you can. Its highly unlikely an action will be brought against you. Just say you just moved in and your sorting it out. My GF did that and it worked out fine.
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