TV License Fee increase from 1 April

    (source: Moneywise)

    Sorry folks, nothing much we can do about it but thought you might like to know ...

    From 1 April, the cost of a colour television licence will increase from £139.50 to £142.50. A black and white licence, meanwhile, will rise from £47 to £48.

    Licence fees are based on a six-year BBC funding settlement that stated in April 2007. In year one (2008) and year two (2009), the licence fee increase is set at 3%. In years three (2010), four (2011) and five (2012), the increase is set at 2%. The BBC can set any increase in year six, up to 2%.


    Don't pay it anyway....

    the bird does!!!

    Stop it Kippy! I'm getting depressed!

    I don't even watch TV really.

    Who actually has a black and white TV these days?

    I'm REALLY on the fence re the licence.

    I hate paying it, but I like no ads on the BBC.........

    ve always paid, I think Its time to stop, FULL STOP.

    I suddenly feel like drinking hmm i just checked my phone incase its april fools lol

    *waits for the inevitable HD license fee*
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