Posted 21st Jul 2022 (Posted 14 h, 21 m ago)
Evening all. Just wondered if I could get some opinions on the light bleed my new TV is suffering, and whether or not people think I should return it for a replacement. Apologies, but I'm no expert when it comes to TV's!

Here are a couple of photos. The first is with the Ambilight on, the second with it turned off.

For reference, it's not a high end TV, so my expectations aren't sky high. It's a 70" Philips LED 7 series Ambilight, received today from Richer Sounds:

Any help, advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    It sounds like the more premium a set is the less bleeding there is.

    It sounds like you're not happy so if you're within your rights, I'd return it.

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    Head over a more specific forum and see if you're able to get some experiences of people with the same set (may be look on reviews too!)

    AVForums may be a good place to post.
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    if it has a problem, then you should send it back, is there a reason why you wouldn’t ?
    I'm trying to determine whether or not this is a genuine issue, or whether it's the norm/to be expected/a given for a TV like this. (edited)
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    I wouldn't be happy screen looks awful
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    I had this on my previous Samsung, albeit it was purchased in 2015 I think.

    For me, as long as it didn't affect my viewing, it's fine. Valid question on whether it's noticeable under normal viewing conditions?
    Certainly is on darker scenes. Not on lighter scenes, for obvious reasons.

    Unfortunately once you see it your eyes are constantly drawn to it.

    I've had smaller instances of bleeding on an LCD many years ago too. Our other TV is a 50" Sony LED and that doesn't suffer from it. I appreciate that's more of a premium set, but it is over 5 years old.
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    I've never seen a TV or monitor screen that looks as bad as that, in any lighting condition but even with my genuinely poor photographic skills I could reproduce a picture like that.
    If its not as good as your old TV sent it back.
    I just pointed and shooted. No editing or funky photography involved
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    Defo return, That's pretty bad.
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    I’d return that, I’ve had tvs look better than this after many years of usage
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    That's really bad. It would be so distracting when watching darker movies like Batman or interstellar. I'd 100% send it back.
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    Thanks all, much appreciated

    Didn't want to send it back if it would be considered as being within acceptable limits, but I've seen cheaper TV's with a lot less bleed than this.
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    I found changing the eco settings helps a lot. Reduce brightness in the eco settings and then turn up actual brightness.

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    No worries. Thanks for the reply and input
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    I've had a reply from Richers Sounds which states the following:

    "Unfortunately, all LED TVs will experience some degree of backlight bleed due to the nature of the technology, and this will always be more noticeable on a black screen in a dark room.

    Are you able to send over some pictures of the TV under normal viewing conditions (ie. Showing a picture) and we can advise further?"

    Difficulty with this is it's not the easiest thing to photograph, hence photographing on a black screen. I don't think I'll be able to capture it well on regular scenes. I also don't agree that all TV's experience it, as our previous Sony LED certainly didn't. (edited)
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    Not sure what expectations should be for a 70" TV for c. £500-£700 in 2022, as I've never seen one in person.

    All I can say is that the edge-lit 55" Sony LED (2016 model; c. £700 at the time) that I previously had suffered from terrible backlight bloom on any dark scenes, to the point of being totally distracting, but was fine on everything else.

    Is it this model:…96/
    I'm not sure what expectations should be either, but I wasn't expecting cutting edge given the size and price point. We have a 48" Sony of a similar age to the one you mention (2016/17), and that's just started to get horizontal lines across the screen, so we won't be rushing to buy another Sony. Must admit that I haven't noticed similar bloom or bleeding on the Sony, but I noticed it on this Philips straight away.

    Yes, that one you linked to on AVF is the same model I've got. (edited)
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