tv link for a virgin plus box

Found 28th Nov 2010
I have just brought the tv link see here…htm

it works great with my sky box can now view and control it from my bedroom the wireless soluctions did not work now my parents want one for there house that works with there virgin box does anybody know if this will work or know of one that will.
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would this work with my standard virgin box downstairs to my tv in my bedroom upstairs?


They don't work with Virgin Media boxes.

what will any ideas?
AV Senders will work with virgin media but the quality depends on any interference you have in the house. I've just moved and my av sender worked great in my flat with the two rooms along side each other but in my house I can't get a decent quality picture/sound with it going upstairs. Tried turning everything off apart from the virgin box av sender and receiving tv and still no good.

I'd recommend picking up one to have a play with. If you got one from Maplin they told me when I bought mine I could take it back if I couldn't get a picture, so might be worth asking them if you can get to one. I think mine was about £15.
Quite a few will work for Video/Audio but i believe the problem with the Virgin Box's are the remotes which are set up differently (was when i had it eons ago) so you should be able to watch but won't be able to change channels through them.
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