Tv needed for 91 year old-I would really appreciate some advice........

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Found 5th Nov 2008
My grandad is 91 and has just moved out of the house that he has lived in for over 60 years into a sheltered housing flat.He has decided that he would like a shiny new tv to watch his collection of war films and various old movies.His budget is £500 but obviously I would like to spend less if at all possible.
It would be great if I could find him something with a good picture and sound-32 to 37 inch screen that could be viewed from fairly close by as his new sitting room is quite small.
I am also aware that whoever it is purchased from must have a good after care reputation as any possible problems would have to be handled sensitively by the company
A lot to ask for I know so I am just hoping that there is somebody out there who knows their onions and can help.I am worse than useless-I have a large panasonic viera which I am very happy with but this is out of his price range so I am stumped!!!
Any help would be hugely appreciated-ta!!


probably best in deal request.
try for cheap tvs.

just look on the websites of currys ect, everything you need to know will be on there

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The problem with Currys is their after care service-in my personal experience-was quite rubbish-which was why I hoped somebody could point me in the direction of a good solid reputable tv dealer.
I may have been unlucky though...............…spx

not sure if this is any good, im sure there is better out there but it comes with free 5 year guarantee and i know john lewis have fantastic after care. hth im sure theres a few codes knocking about too

91, eeeh. Your granddad is a mighty impressive chap. Did he fight in the war, back in his youth?

About what telly to buy, I'd recommend] this Philips 37", from RicherSounds. My reasons being:

1) RicherSounds is famed for its customer service, and they certainly strive towards being the best. Currys and the like, they're famed for being utter scum. RicherSounds should hopefully be the most supportive company if things go wrong.

2) For an extra £40, bringing the TV up to £440, you can get 5yrs of At Home extended warranty, where they'll come out and pick it up, take it away, repair it, and bring it back if anything goes wrong with it. Should see him through to his 96th with the minimum of fuss.

3) I've gone for 37" because it' big, and quite comfortaby sized for a small room. Bigger might be nicer though, so I'd recommend you take him out to Currys with a measuring tape to try and figure out roughly the distance he'll be sitting at, and what kind of size is most comfortable for him. And then buy the TV from someone that isn't utter scum. I've gone for a 720p set because it's cheaper than a 1080p set, and although it doesn't offer as high a resolution, old war films can't take advantage of the higher resolution and probably neither can his eyes, making the extra expense not worthwhile.

Hope that all helps, anyhow.

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Thanks for the replies-I really appreciate the answers.
If RicherSounds have an excellent reputation for customer care then that is probably where I shall go..........
It is soooooo much easier if someone can personally recommend a site-it's like a scrum out there in internet land trying to figure out what's right and what's not.
Thanks once again


or a 37 inch

This is a good shout as this TV is Audio Description ready straight out the box (like most Panasonics and Sony sets). It means if the channel is broadcasting audio descriptions for its programs, then he wont need any more equipment. This could be a consideration based on his age.

See also:…csp

go for an LCD because space will be a premium.Ebuyer are good

theres one on tesco pretty cheap

A good quality brand 32" .. from John Lewis should serve him well, .. great service.

32" will be plenty big enough for a small room.:thumbsup:
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