Tv needed for 91 year old-I would really appreciate some advice........

    My grandad is 91 and has just moved out of the house that he has lived in for over 60 years into a sheltered housing flat.He has decided that he would like a shiny new tv to watch his collection of war films and various old movies.His budget is £500 but obviously I would like to spend less if at all possible.
    It would be great if I could find him something with a good picture and sound-32 to 37 inch screen that could be viewed from fairly close by as his new sitting room is quite small.
    I am also aware that whoever it is purchased from must have a good after care reputation as any possible problems would have to be handled sensitively by the company
    A lot to ask for I know so I am just hoping that there is somebody out there who knows their onions and can help.I am worse than useless-I have a large panasonic viera which I am very happy with but this is out of his price range so I am stumped!!!
    Any help would be hugely appreciated-ta!!


    There used to be places where you could rent tv's...maybe that could be an option instesd of shelling out a lump sum and any problems they just replace the tv

    Aren't you lovely! I find the way to get the best aftercare is to go small and local. If you have someone like this they'll probably come and set everything up too, better than a 17 year old spotty idiot in one of the big chains. As for TVs, we've got a couple of Samsung LCDs and you can get these under your budget for 37", crystal clear picture and good sound for us so well worth a shot.

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    Thanks-I shall look at the samsungs.

    this is a retro possibility ...
    "A good family television for someone who hasb't got one.
    At least twenty years old but still works. Remote available.
    No transport available so must be collected near Goose Green."…Q--
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