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    Im planning to put the tv on the wall, im just wondering if you have yours on the wall what kind of set up do you have? Like where does the sky box go?


    Have ours on the wall, i tracked out a "tunnel" probably about 2cm x 1cm down to a small unit that holds my Sky Box and BlueRay player below it. Put in some tubing and plastered over it. Some people go for sockets, I mean putting a plug socket and HDMI sockets up the wall behind the TV to where ever their other devices are but that limits the amount of devices you can add really. The tunnel looks tidy enough and you never see it plus you can pass as many HDMI cables thought it as you want. Also if your ever moving the TV simply fill in the holes and sand down.

    1 last tip is don't be tempted to put the TV very high up I find having it at seated eye level is much more comfortable
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    You can buy a leaning wall bracket so the tv sits tilted on the wall and the sky box can sit behind the tv. (That's what I did with mine)

    Or the other option I have is a bit more expensive but it will look good. Buy a chest box with shelves big enough to hold 2-3 tv boxes. Cut holes from the back to let the wires run out from. Buy some plastic hollow strips (colour matching the wall) and feed the wires through. Layout the plastic strips around the edge of the wall leading up to the tv.

    Hope this help. Sorry if it's a bit hard to understand

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    Thanks guys, all seems very complicated lol. Might just go for a floating unit.

    Have any of you tried the sky eye?


    Thanks guys, all seems very complicated lol. Might just go for a floating … Thanks guys, all seems very complicated lol. Might just go for a floating unit. Have any of you tried the sky eye?

    Plastic trunking can be attached to the wall simply by using adhesive ('no more nails' or similar) and can be painted to suit your wall..

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    Yeah that trunking seems easy enough. I dont really like putting a tv unit under it as it defeats the point for me.

    Not a cheap option to retro fit but we converted our barn into a house and did all the wiring etc. We have a central cupboard which houses all the "stuff" like the Sky, DVD, iPod etc. The rooms with TV have them on the wall with no wires or trunking showing and they are all linked via a multimedia system into the "cupboard". Wall pads and remotes in each room operate the system you want on and when.

    I just have the TV on the wall with a floating shelf above to hold speakers, Tivo box, etc.

    Google. Floating tv shelf.. We got stackable unit that in bits and you can't change shape and size but for just a sky box get a purpose built floating shelf

    We,ve got our tv wall mounted with two floating shelves directly underneath, which the sky box and the wii sit on then some trunking painted to match wall running down to skirting board then power cables and sky cables hidden under carpet really need a pic to show what it looks like

    I cut into wall bricks, sunk trucking in there then run all my wires in there. Got 3 glass floating shelfs for sky, surround sound box, and Wii. Then trucking sunk in wall to skirting boards too.
    Wallpapered over so totally wire free, was a bit of work to do but results Brilliant and totally hidden wiring.

    When you install the TV onto the wall make sure you screw it directly onto the studs
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