TV on your iPhone / iPod touch

    Only just discovered this yesterday, TVcatchup is now compatible with the iPhone / iPod touch, meaning i didn't have to watch/listen to the 1 1/2hr intermission in the F1 yesterday but didn't miss any of the racing either :-)



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    Literally about 2 years ago.

    Never worked on my iPod last time i tried about a month ago.

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    well blow me, seriously did not work for me prior to yesterday, oh well.

    Been availible for over 2 years since I had my first gen iPod touch however it was in beta for quite a while that's maybe why you never heard about it 2 years ago?

    Told a work-mate that he could get TV on his iPhone and he said "how, it hasn't got an aerial" oO


    Sky Go will be better IMHO
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