tv or internet

    which one could you NOT live without?


    internet.u could watch soaps online!!!!


    I could live without them both, but if I had to choose to loose one, it'd be the television definatly.


    tv - internet is a bad habit.

    Could live without both but would feel the loss of the Internet a lot more!

    internet dont watch tv very often

    Original Poster


    internet.u could watch soaps online!!!!

    doh..thats true...but still not the same experience ...?

    Silly question as you can easily watch TV on the internet
    but it's a little harder to surf the web on the TV.
    I would lose the TV def.

    I could live without both, but if pressed for an either / or answer, the TV could go.

    internet............very rarely watch tv.

    i would happily live without the devils curse the tinternet.

    Internets...Spent a couple of weeks living on a farm in Northern mobile phones....I had to go out and buy the god damn sun newspaper...the shame

    couldnt live without internet and im surprised by my answer


    tough one as I watch more tv than spend time on a pc but most of the tv I watch comes from the internet lol

    the interwebs

    probably would have to say the internet
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