Tv out cable for 3.1.3 iPhone 2g

    Does anyone know of a tv out cable that's compatible with iPhone 2g
    on 3.1.3? I've seen some for 3.1.2 on ebay.


    is it jailbroken? if so you can buy one from poundland and d/l resupported which allows the use of third party cables without the apple chip in the lead

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    Thanks, do
    you know of anywhere else I could get one?
    I've seen others/3rd party ones but don't seem to be compatible with that particular firmware. Or would that be for non-jailbroken phones

    basically third party ones used to work with them but when apple brought in 3.1.3 they added a check routine which looks for an apple id chip in the cable, if it can't find them it rejects the cable. so only apple approved ones work. resupported removes the check so 3rd party ones work again.
    so unless your phone is jailbroken you have to buy apple approved cables
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