TV package (& maybe phone & broadband bundle?) in a non-freeview area (nor cable)

    Basically what I want:

    Digital TV: free channels are fine.
    Broadband: around 2mb (my max line atm), reliable, and preferably unlimited as I use it a lot and download a fair bit of HD stuff atm.
    Cheap phonecalls: I am using phonecheap etc for mobiles, but I am still paying BT too much.

    My situation:

    I have recently purchased a nice new plasma TV. but I am still watching analogue broadcasts. :-(

    My TV has a freeview tuner but I live in a non-freeview area which won't be activated until 2008.

    I would like to make the most out of it with a quality digital signal - I'm not interested in that £300 (+ premium) experiment that sky are calling "HD" though - maybe when sky's content and quality improves - at the moment the best channel on SKYHD is the BBC's HD experimental channel (which is free to non-sky subscribers anyway!), I might consider it, but not as it is at this price!.

    I have been thinking about getting hold of an old sky dish & box, getting a working sky card, and simply installing it myself (or getting my friend to help) ...This is not as hard as it sounds. Therefore, paying no sky sub (or one-off fee) but getting the free digital channels.

    I've even been a little tempted by SKY+. Last december, they had an offer where the SKY+ upgrade was free to new customers. So as an X-MAS pressie I cancelled my inlaw's standard sky subscription for them, with a phonecall noting my disgust that they wouldn't offer the same deal to 15-year loyal customers who had never taken advantage of any other offers, when I'd finished with thecancelations department, I blatently asked them to forward me to the sales department, the guy tried to put me off what I was doing, but as soon as I got through to an enthusiastic sales rep they grabbed my "new" subscription :giggle:, I signed them up in my name (and paid the first few months).

    Errr... (sorry) back on topic... Anyway, I can still always get a new sky customer deal (if necessary) for myself using my partner's details.

    However with the ntl offers and sky bundles I've been hearing about I started thinking about what I'm currently paying out for the telephone & broadband too.

    unfortunately, I don't live in a talktalk covered area, so I am gutted about not being able to take up talktalks phone and internet package, I would have to pay extra for a lesser service.

    I have heard of people here getting NTL to price match talktalk, even though they don't live in a talktalk covered area. That's a great idea, but no guarantee, but I don't live within NTL's cableTV network anyway.

    I am currently paying £24 a month for unlimited 1meg broadband (my max line is 2mb), I know this is a lot, at the time, 2 years ago, it was cheap for a 1meg unlimited service. And I wasn't going for the cheapest as I had had awfull experiences with freeserve and others so I went with a good rep smaller company (hi-velocity) that, to be honest have been flawless for 2 years.

    However, I can't really justify paying £24 + about £50/£75 to BT when I could be paying a lot less and maybe even get some sort of TV package thrown in (though my options are limited, and therefore, more confusing).

    Any advice appreciated. I can surely save on the £75-£100 a month I'm paying for phone and broadband alone and get a much better full service.

    freebies/cashbacks/HMV vouchers etc for new sign-ups all help the cause too!

    Woah! long post (sorry)


    For broadband and phone i use toucan they are quite good cheap and quick at answering customer service calls (which are free). Installing the sky box and dish sounds like the best idea to me. Sky in my experiance just pester you all the time if you get the £100 installation charge free sky package

    Original Poster

    Thanks mshtel, I think I will go that route, though I might wait till next Month to see if sky offer Sky+ free again for this christmas.

    Thought I'd bump this thread up too.

    Please, many of you guys must have some good phone & broadband deals... Or combined with TV. Whats this SKY broadband thing all about? Is it cheaper to get everything through sky?

    Sorry about that long post. Don't read it all if you can't be bothered, just let me know what deals you've got, combined or otherwise. Basically, I can't get freeview but want a digital picture on my TV. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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