TV programmes NOT released on DVD.

Which TV programme / series' would people like to be released on DVD but which hasn't been yet?

Who remembers "Love Thy Neighbour". I can't think why that hasn't been released yet??


Civvies. LTN is out on DVD has been for ages.

Are you talking about what hasn't been released on DVD at all or those that haven't been released on region 2, or both?

There are a lot of things in the US that have yet to reach region 2, and although I have a multi-region DVD player, I'd like them to get official releases here.

As for those that haven't been released at all, I can't think of many at the moment, but possibly The Wonder Years. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure.

wasnt love thy neighbour completely racist?

Original Poster


wasnt love thy neighbour completely racist?

Yes - In it's day it was deemed to be OK. A bit like the Black and White Minstral Show or Alf Garnet. I'm not condoning racism. It was just the first one that came to mind that I could think of that as far as I knew hadn't been released. I stand corrected if it has been.

Thundarr the Barbarian

Noels House Party..Some of the best bits would be a brilliant DVD release

Fangface :-D

larry sanders, spin city

Sunset Beach, what little of it there was would still make a great watch!


spin city



wasnt love thy neighbour completely racist?

black guy always got the upper hand though lol

No Problem was a great series :thumbsup:

Would like to get all the "Tour of duty" series on DVD. Know its on FX but there are too many to sky plus as would never get around to watching them and would just fill the hard drive.


u absolute legend, totally missed them

manimal and cover up

Martial Law with Sammo Hung. keep missing it on cable.
was a work of genius when I was a kid, probs crap now!



Oh no why did you do that? Going to have to raid the piggy bank...!!:thumbsup::-D
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