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    I have this TV from John Lewis LG 43UH610V, the reviews are great but to be honest I'm not impressed with it, the picture is nothing special. I don't have 4K but was expecting a better picture. Could anyone recommend a same size tv for me please, same price or less not bothered about the 4K thanks…508


    All depends where you place the TV and how you set it up. Out of the box setups should be avoided, I would disable any automatic adjustments and smoothing. TVs unfortunately have to be adjusted for the location they are installed in and a front room lighting is completely different to a bright diffused show room.
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    Without any idea of how you're using the TV, what you're watching (broadcast, steamed, discs, gaming etc.) or which elements of picture quality you find disappointing it's very hard to provide a considered answer.

    It is a budget TV so you will have to accept some compromises in picture quality in whatever you buy at that size and price.

    Are you willing to go down to 40" as they often offers a substantial drop in price over 43"? A Samsung K6300 or KU6400, or Panasonic DX600 would be fairly different 40" options for around £400.

    You tube has lots of vids on how to set up LG tvs for the best picture

    To notice 4k over 1080p on a 43" TV you would have to be sat rather close to the screen.

    I doubt there's anything wrong with this set picture, I've an older LG43" pre WebOS LED TV and have no issues with picture quality and this TV would destroy it. I believe OP just needs to set the TV up correctly which means turning off all the extra screen processing, I wouldn't blame the set for lacklustre performance. A couple of cheap lamps either side of it for some bias backlighting will improve the picture quality on latenights and give better contrasts and colours.
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