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Posted 14th Aug
Evening all. Looking for a new tv after my darling 5 year old chucked a toy at it! We’re not fussed about all the bells and whistles and it doesn’t need to be massive. Currently have a 43 inch LG (LM6300PLA) that we purchased in January of this year and was happy with everything about it. Already checked and LG won’t repair and excess is too high on house insurance to warrant a claim. Any suggestion on a replacement welcome. Thanks In advance.
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We got an LG from the Tesco outlet store on eBay. Came with 12mths warranty. Would do so again. AO also have a refurb store. Buying new is overrated
Personally I'll always buy a Philips Ambilight as I love the effect.
If you want to had it to a TV in the future that doesn't have it, it costs like £200 for the Sync box and a couple hundred for light bars to go behind the TV too.

You can get one for just £400…tml
We have toshiba in our house, both from Tesco, both cheap, both brilliant tvs
If you are looking for a refurb I recommend this bay seller…als
Had a 50 inch 4k Hisense and a 50 inch 4k Toshiba both were under £250 each. Nothing on there as cheap at the moment but they get more stock in pretty regularly.
They looked like new and they got a 12m warranty.
If you want new then Richer Sounds are decent and probably won't rip you off.
I recommend a big television, as large as you can afford! 75 inch are less than a grand so no excuse!
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