Tv repair have damaged my set and offered a replacement

Posted 26th Nov
I bought a Philips ambilight 50PUS6753/12 and had problems with the screen. Philips gave a year warranty so they directed the job to a company called Eqinox. Their engineer attended and changed the screen but then a new fault arose. Equinox came out again and this time took my set. I’ve just received an email to say that they have damaged the bezel and rear cover in transit. They have offered a repair or a replacement. The replacement has a slightly different model number 50PUS6703/12. Is this model very similar to mine? Should I accept this replacement?

Thank you
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here is a comparison
looks like the stand is slightly biggeron the 03 model
oh and yours had bluetooth the replacement doesnt and 53 had extra HDMI 2.0 aswell seems a lower spec tv as replacement
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"...Is this model very similar to mine?..."

Comparison of the two models:
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"...Should I accept this replacement?..."

a) Read the comparison see if any feature(s) on the 50PUS6753/12 that you use is/are not available on the 50PUS6703/12.
b) Speak to Philips* & ask for a refund.
c) Both of the above.

* or the original retailer; you neglected to mention this above.
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@Luckyluke02 "Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ"
Wow quick response, thank you!

It was actually initially a deal from on here, AO eBay ...…886
Not always the case but a lower model number generally means it's a lesser spec
Ring Philip's and tell them you want a refund since they've damaged the TV you had and you're not happy with what they've offered as you feel it's of lower spec.
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