tv resolution

    hi guys
    im having a job picking a tv for my room and wondered if anyone could answer a question.
    in standard definition is a bigger resolution going to give me a clearer and better picture?


    In my experience, No.


    In my experience, No.

    In my experience yes....I think it depends on the tv really. Some people notice a drop in quality and some an increase. My Sony Bravia 3 certainly does a good job of Freeview channels

    It depends. TV's have a "native resolution" and if your source is a different resolution it has to use an internal "upscaler" to convert the resolution.

    On cheap TV's the display is often good but the upscaler is crap. Shops can make the TV look good by using a DVD or BluRay player which is set to be the same resolution that the TV looks good in thereby bypassing the upscaler. In otherwords beware shop displays that are not showing live tv.

    I would try to read as many online reviews as you can of any prospective purchase. If some reviews say excellent picture quality and some reviews say crap picture quality that should tip you off that the upscaler is probably crap and you should avoid.

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    turn on the tv and have a look for yourself
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    thx all for your replys
    i was looking at this one says 1920 x 1080 so that was what i was going on?
    any reviews of this?
    i did look @ the toshiba 500b but peeps said the pic wasnt good
    onl;y want top spend around £200 MAX and want to run films through it via my netbook

    What size are you looking at? Anything under 32" you don't really need a resolution of 1080p. 720 would do just fine. Because the screen is smaller, your eyes wouldn't see any difference

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    32" im looking to buy and its a choice between the hanspree and emotion...................what would you guys pick...both £199........would appreciate your advice

    Original Poster

    thx , just bought the hanspree for £180.......................too good a bargain not to
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