TV Show 24

    Anyone know anywhere that may have a deal on for any of the seasons for this?

    I've only seen the 1st series so any of the other series would be great!



    After xmas time when the new series start in US and Sky, often drop the prices of the older box sets to £17.99.

    That's where i got my series 5 from earlier this year and hope they do it agin with series 6 which should be out now.

    Other then that you can get series 1-5 or 1-6 limited edition boxsets but not sure how much they work out at.

    here are the boxsets, comes with free delivery too.

    24 : Seasons 1-5 Box Set for £106.59

    24 - Series 1-6 - Complete for £119.79, please note - Released on 19/11/2007

    it works out cheaper by the boxset! but the complete set 1-6 will be released on 19/11/2007, might be worth waiting for if you want the complete boxset.

    hope that helps!


    Series 2 £24.99

    Series 3 £24.99

    Series 4 £24.99

    All the above at Virgin Megastores delivered

    Series 5 £23.49

    At TaxFreeDVD delivered

    been looking for cheap 24 boxsets myself without luck, decided to go for second hand ones from CEX.

    Had no problems with season 2,3 & 4 from them, might be worth giving a try if you dont mind second hand ones?…buy
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