tv sky box,free sat, can you help me please?

    after having sky for the contract period i then got rid as everytime it rained the tv went all blocky and was unwatchable,when we moved we took the old sky box with us and there was a sky dish here already so we used that and the old sky box and just had the "free" channels.

    Just lately the channels are disappearing,i now have no channel 4 or 5 and i like channel 5!
    How can i get round this without going back on sky? i dont want to be tied into a contract or anything like that.

    If i buy a new freeview box will i have to put up a digital ariel or will it be ok to run off the sky dish already there?

    any help please?



    I have just replied to your question on the other thread about this very same subject?!!…iew

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    Mardyass,I have just replied to your question on the other thread about … Mardyass,I have just replied to your question on the other thread about this very same subject?!!

    thanks i still dont get it tho:? lol
    i want to know the best way for me to pick up the channels without a contract,im not bothered about pausing live tv or recording it as thats something i dont think i would ever do or use

    If you buy a new Freeview box, you WILL need an ariel that is capable of getting the signal in sufficient strength.

    As you have already mentioned that the rain made your Sky go blurry, then it sounds highly probable that you live in a densly populated area, or one with trees or similar issues as to why the ariel RF Signal would be so weak.
    Sky may boost their signal in certain places and can also raise and adjust your dish if need to be to get the maximum signal.
    If you are not capable of getting a signal, they shouldn't hold you to the contract anyway.
    Otherwise, switch to the v basic cable version and then you wont have any issues with ariels.
    If it is a cost issue again one way or another you will have to pay out for a sufficently situated and capable ariel to get the signals plus the TV or similar that has Freeview preinstalled or is Digital ready.

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    thankyou,ive moved from the house that didnt pick up signal when it rained and seem to get a good signal here even when its raining lol so if i could get something that would run off the sky dish already here then it would save me having to put up a new aeriel

    The old Sky dish is not the same as a basic on roof ariel as such, but you could buy a sky box and connect it.... to the old Sky input and see if that gave you the Freeview.....

    Simply connecting the Sky ariel in its own right, without any service wouldn't get you the signal....

    I assume you've still got the Sky viewing card in your Sky box? Required for Channel 4 and 5 I think.

    Anyway, Try resetting your Sky Box, It might bring the channels back to life.

    Turn off digibox then remove card. then unplug from the mains,
    before reconnecting to the mains, hold down the back up button on the front of the digibox, keep held and reconnect to the mains.
    keep the back up button held until you see all four lights come on the front of the box, and a message on screen will tell you it's 'performing a system software update and may take up 10 mins...'
    wait for this message to disappear (dont press anything or turn off the box in the meantime)
    when message has gone then turn your digibox back on and insert your viewing card.

    If that don't work try this:

    1. find the remote it only works with this
    2. Press services then No. 4 (system setup)
    3. Now enter 0 followed by 1 and press select.(take note to see that the red led flashes when you do this)
    4. Press No. 2 (default transponder)
    5. Now enter 12051 under freqencey.
    6. Scroll down to save and press select.
    7. Press the blue sky button at the top of the remote and wait for approx 1min.

    You should now see 998 welcome channel. Try and enter 101 for BBC1.

    Why not try freesat? You can buy a Freesat box for around £80 and according to the help section of their website you can use an existing satellite dish and it can often just be a case of plugging it in and watching it, although I have heard that sometimes the dish need to be moved a little to receive their signal.…=66



    I assume you've still got the Sky viewing card in your Sky box? Required … I assume you've still got the Sky viewing card in your Sky box? Required for Channel 4 and 5 I think.

    The card is necessary for some of the channels as they are soft encrypted.

    If people have their cards in the slot and losing these channels, it sounds like sky have deactivated the card. Give them a call and tell them to reactivate!

    It sounds like your dish needs adjusting, or there is a tree or similar in it's " line of sight ".. blocking the signal.

    Freeview and Satellite are different technology.

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    great will try resetting the box thankyou for the instructions!

    Card not required for Channel 4 these days.

    try ringing sky, grandparents did same thing and they reactivated all the channels within the hour for free so they could watch all the freeview channels

    I bought a freesat box for £80, plugged it in via the lead to my satellite dish and get perfect hi-def for no other cost. Worth every penny

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    got my channels 4 and 5 back woohoooo thankyou so much,think i will go hunt around for a freesat box now!
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