I have Sony LCD HDTV and im using the sound through the tele speakers.

    I have an old 5.1 (year old) in loft and i was thinking of using the 2 tall speakers instead of the in-built speakers. On the back of the speakers are optical wires....could i say..solder or get a connector and just plug them into the audio port on my tv?

    Is this possible?

    Cheers, rep given if help given


    I would like to help but have no idea... sorry.

    One of our professional hukd techies may be able to answer...

    I would need to see pictures to know what you mean, but I would say yes...My TV has phono out ( red and white connectors) and I take a phono cable from there in to my HIFI (spare phone connector on it for AV I think it is) then when I turn my hifi on and select av, it has the sound from the TV. I would say at the very least you could do this. Upload a picture of what connectors you have on the back of your speakers and your TV. You might need to go via an amp, but maybe not...

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    Thanks, rehydrated. I will get pics soon. Its basically wire so im not sure how i can connect it to the tv, pics soon

    You can't just plug the speakers straight into the audio ports on the back of the TV. You'll need an amp for the speaker, I'm assuming you've still got the one that they came with.

    Run an optical cable (toslink) from the back of the TV (It should have an optical out if it's a new Sony TV) into your 5.1 amp and plug the speakers into your amp. You should be able to select to use just stereo sound on your 5.1 system.
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