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Found 17th Dec 2008
Can somebody help a numpty out please.
Getting my son a PS3 for Xmas, to go with his Sony LCD TV. He also has a Sky box, DVD player and a Wii connected. (Yes he is a spoilt brat!!)
Want to add some speakers to boost the sound from the TV. Could I use some of these…e=2 and then everything would play through the speakers, or is it not as simple as that.
Also, would it be ok to use them without the rear speakers as I dont really want to be running more cables round the room.


No this wouldn't be the best option, you would need an amp and speakers. It is possible with some extra wires to connect these speaskers but it would not be surround sound. You need an amp and speakers sytem which has a digital input (or multiple ones if your looking to connect extra devices)

EDIT: Have just realised you didn't want surround sound, i'd advise just getting a 2.1 speaker set then you wouldn't have wasted any money on the unwanted rear speakers

i would consider these ..…e=0

not from play though out of stock - but check out the reviews


in stock at amazon for same price…8-4

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i would consider these … i would consider these .. from play though out of stock - but check out the reviews:thumbsup:in stock at amazon for same price

These seem to be aimed at the PS3, whereas i'm really looking for a simple solution for playing all his devices through.
Any other recommendations?

Have a look at this video you will see how the guy connects a ps3/any other device using the red/white leads. ]Click here for video

Youi'll see that you need an extra lead to be able to connect to the speakers, if you have this extra lead you should be able to connect to any speaker system with a headphone input.

EDIT: Reading the amazon reviews I think you may get this cable with the X540 speakers you suggested previously.

But with any of these types it will mean though that each time you want to use a different device you will have to switch the connections.

The best type of sytem would be one with an amp also which would let you connect multiple device, however they are more expensive. Normally > £150 However there was previous deal from argos had one at £60 but now its back to £99. ]Link here
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