TV Stand for 42" Plasma + accessories

Found 21st Aug 2007
Hi guys,

I've seen the deal for the one from eBuyer, but I don't hold out much hope for it arriving in one piece as the delivery companies here are useless at the best of times.

I need a stand that will hold the above TV, an amp (big boy), a centre speaker (same size a amp), dvd, sky+, and xbox 360.

I would like it as cheap as poss. I dont mind spending a bit for a really nice one, but it has to fit all that other stuff in it too.
One of those Ikea wide flat things would be ideal but Ikea is over 100 miles from me in Plymouth.

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It’s easy to shop with IKEA at Shop Online!

FIRST OF ALL you check to make sure Shop Online!
is operating in your delivery postcode area.
Click on the link ‘Check if IKEA delivers to you’
and follow the postcode instructions

If IKEA Shop Online! covers your delivery postcode, you can carry on shopping!
i was always under the impression their delivery prices were astronomical so have never looked into using the online service.
that post code checker at ikea is useless. I put in the first half of my postcode (PL4) and it said they deliver to the midlands when my postcode is in Plymouth!
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