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    Looking to get some films, programs etc on tv. What is best to buy? Don't reall want a 12month contract. Was thinking Amazon prime movies, Netflix etc. Also does it use up my internet usage. Also only have the basic broadband not infinity as not available where I live yet. Please help recommendations appreciated.


    do you have a smart tv otherwise you will need some device to connect to it to show the movies? It it will require the device to be connected to the Internet and use data but typically 5Mb download is all that is required. if you need advice consider what your other needs are for example many blu ray players now have netflix etc. i personally think netflix has the best choice.

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    Thankyou IamMT I have a smart tv and a blue Ray DVD player I know nothing about either. Totally blonde when it come to things like this

    have a hoke around their menus to see which apps they have. but you will have to enable Internet access on them first so either set up wireless all connected to your router using an ethernet cable.

    It will use your internet data. You may have to check whether the speed you've got is suitable. Most say minimum 2mb

    You will need a really good internet package. As I understand it (I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong) when you stream a film, it eats into your download limit as if you are downloading it, a standard film in standard definition will use about 2gb of data, so check if you are capped.
    I have slow internet, about 1.5mb. Netflix plays fine but amazin occasionally buffers.

    I've had Netflix for about 2 years, the Films are really quite old but it's good for TV series like Dexter, Breaking Bad etc and for kids TV. I have it streaming to 3 TVs and have Fibre broadband. Whilst I was on standard broadband with a Speed of about 4.7Mb it was OK while streaming to one or 2 devices but we used to use about 20 - 30 Gb per month so you'll probably need an unlimited package if you're going to use it a lot. I've just got Amazon Prime on 1 months trial and the fast forward feature is poor and there's picture judder. There is definitely a better choice of films (free ones) though!
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